connecting the generations



connecting the generations



connecting the generations



It takes more than just academics; It takes social-emotional skills.

Fostering these skills in today's fast-paced world, where so many are feeling overstretched, overstimulated, and just plain overwhelmed, can feel incredibly difficult. 

Enter Generation Mindful. 

Our single focus is to make connection a habit. We are a line of educational tools, toys and programs that build emotional intelligence through mindfulness, connection and play.

The Power of Play

Check out our first release, the mindfulness game PeaceMakers. 

Generation Mindful takes the latest research in human development and applies it to everyday life, turning science into playful solutions all ages can learn from and enjoy.

We're on a mission, nurturing the human spirit and giving back along the way.

Join us in saying goodbye to punitive child-rearing practices of old and HELLO to affirming tools and strategies.

Play PeaceMakers

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1. Play belongs in the center of childhood.

2. Discipline means to lead and guide by example, not to shame, blame or cause pain.

3. Nurturing the heart is just as important as nurturing the head, and MAGIC happens when learning is hands-on, child-led, battery-free and, whenever possible, outside!



Stay Informed

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You'll also receive this nifty set of finger puppets to make with the children you love.


Say hello to your new animal-puppet friends: Bear, Fox, Lion, Hummingbird, Dolphin, Owl, and Elephant from the game Peacemakers. Just print, color, cut, tape, and let the storytelling (emotional intelligence building) begin.  

Interested in more free webinars on connection and social emotional regulation? Join Generation Mindful's founder, PT and parent educator Suzanne Tucker, this free webinar series on creating more peaceful homes and classrooms.

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