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Dealing with whining, meltdowns, and tantrums? 

SnuggleBuddies to the rescue! This plush toy collection with a purpose is ready to help children around the world practice noticing, naming, and regulating their emotions.

These huggable 13" plush toys engage children on both an emotional and a sensory level, featuring expertly embroidered details, vibrant colors, and super-soft, minky (aka awesome to snuggle) fabric.


What's Included

Every plush in the SnuggleBuddies collection includes four "storytellers", 3" plush emoji like symbols that tuck inside the animals back pocket, connected by short, silky ribbons so they will not get lost (yep, I'm a mom). Each storyteller represents a different set of feelings (happy, sad, calm, mad/scared).

Each plush also includes a laminated Monthly Feelings Calendar and Feelings Poster along with a dry erase marker to help you practice noticing and naming emotions each and every day.



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SnuggleBuddies transform bedtime into special time that parents and children alike look forward to.

SnuggleBuddies are also ideal for time-In's, reading time, cuddle time, calming spaces, taking to grandma's house, daycare, school, morning meetings, play therapy, and more.



When did I feel happy? When did I feel sad? 

When did I feel calm? When did I feel mad?  

Will you tell a story about a feeling that you had?

What happens in your body, when your feeling..."

The SnuggleBuddies Song reminds us of the sort of songs Mr. Rogers used to sing on his children‘s television show from the seventies. 



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When young children act out, they are not giving us a hard time, they are having a hard time. Research shows that the first step in learning how to manage our feelings is to name them.



Listen to the Bedtime Meditations (sent to every backer!) and use essential oils to help your child sleep.
Listen to the Bedtime Meditations (sent to every backer!) and use essential oils to help your child sleep.

Real Story

I wish I had a video camera on me at this SnuggleBuddies photo shoot, because I'd love to show you how this brave little girl used her SnuggleBuddies to connect with her mom. 

She wanted to be in the pictures so badly, but she didn’t want to be with the other kids, and she definitely did not feel like smiling. Just look at that lower lip.

Instead of trying to talk her out of her sad feelings, we told here that we think ALL emotions are important, and that if she wanted to be in the pictures there was no need to smile. She could stay right where she was and feel whatever she was feeling.

Hugging Orange Fox close in her lap, she pulled the blue "sad" teardrop storyteller out of her SnuggleBuddies pocket and placed it into her mom's hand. At this her mom, who had been feeling worried about her daughter, completely relaxed into the moment. 

The two hugged and no words were needed. 

With that big hug, it was like a reset button had been hit. Minutes later this little one jumped up and wanted her picture taken, but not on her mom‘s lap. This time she wanted her picture taken with her new BFF, silly Orange Fox.

It was magic.

And then just minutes later, she was off and running. 

More Information

We would never expect a two-year-old to tie their own shoes...so why would we expect a toddler or young child to regulate their emotions? Learning social and emotional skills takes years of practice, just like any new skill.  

Children need to practice social and emotional skills in order to master them. If you are looking for less whining, fewer tantrums, and an easier time putting the kids to bed, SnuggleBuddies is the answer.

Naming emotions is a great place to begin when it comes to teaching children about feelings, helping them to better cope with stress. 

This Feelings Poster (PDF) plus a Feelings Journal Poster comes with every Kickstarter pledge.

These four "storyteller" mood emojis invite children to share about their feelings with a trusted adult in their life. When did they feel happy? Sad? Calm? and mad?

Each SnuggleBuddies plush animal in the collection brings a different peace-making power we each have inside ourselves to life. Buy just one or collect all seven. We think every child (person) on this planet could benefit from having a lovable friend to share their feelings with. 


Research tells us that the very act of putting words to our feelings helps us to regulate our emotions, yet this skill is often hard for children, particularly when they are feeling upset.

Enter SnuggleBuddies.

These huggable friends make thinking and talking about our feelings part of a daily playful ritual that can be easily worked into everyday life, whether at home (think bedtime) or school (think morning meeting time). 

Children can learn self-awareness, social awareness, self-care, and social skills in much the same way they learn to read and write, through modeling. 

And when children practice talking about their feelings when they are calm, they have an easier time doing so when they are not.

Whether at home or school, children can track their moods three times a day using their plush animal friend and this reusable Feelings Journal wipe board that comes with every SnuggleBuddies. Just use the included dry erase marker, wipe clean, and use it again each month!


This 20" x 30" poster is one of nine elements found in the Time-In ToolKit, for sale now on our website.
This 20" x 30" poster is one of nine elements found in the Time-In ToolKit, for sale now on our website.


According to the prominent neuroscientist, researcher, and best selling author Dr. Dan Siegel, "nerves that fire together wire together." This means that the more we practice naming our emotions, the easier this vital skill becomes. 


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