PeaceMakers news article in the Phillie Voice.

The table is set and food prepared. Children play nearby; it’s joyously noisy after a busy day of adventuring. My sister and her girls are in town for a week. I treasure every moment as we connect, explore and share stories.

“Dinner is ready,” I announce.

Everyone gathers. We sit together, and I light a candle at the center of the table. We pause to sing a short song of blessing and gratitude. Then, we dive into conversation and a healthy meal.

“Can we play that card game again, Aunt Amy?” my 7-year-old niece asks between bites of macaroni and cheese...(read more)

When I coerced my family to play a new card game designed to nurture our empathy, the first question was: How do you win?

“It’s not that kind of game,” I said.

We’re a competitive bunch. Let’s just say I’ve been uninvited from some family game night events due to unsportsmanlike behavior involving a Taboo buzzer. Also, there may have been loud allegations of cheating leveled against certain children based on flimsy circumstantial evidence.

Never mind that. This PeaceMakers game, developed by Suzanne Tucker, a local mom and parent educator, was bound to increase our compassion... (read more)

When my son first saw the deck of colorful PeaceMakers cards lying on the counter, he smiled and asked, “What are THESE, Mama?”

He dove right in, mixing them up and picking ones for me to read. He’s only four years old, but he immediately took action on the card that says, “I am huggable. Let’s hug!” He did not have much to say about a card reading, “With my ears and my whole body, I listen,” but later on, he mentioned that he talks with his whole body, which led to a giggly demonstration...(read more)

When I decided to back the Kickstarter campaign for PeaceMakers, I had no idea that this choice would change the course of my family in an instant. This might sound like hyperbole, but I’m being completely serious. This card game has been life-changing. Let me explain...(read more)


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