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Feelings Bingo

Feelings Bingo

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This interactive game (22-page printable download) helps children 3 years of age and older to recognize, understand and label six feeling words including Happy, Sad, Angry, Scared, Calm, and Kind.

  • Teach empathy and nurture emotional intelligence.
  • Ideal for use in homes, classrooms, counseling groups, and more.
  • Can be adapted for use with verbal, and non-verbal students.


  • 20 Unique BINGO Cards
  • 6 Feeling Calling Cards
  • Card Markers
  • Allow email/marketing at check out so we can send you the file


Play with groups large or small. The facilitator draws a calling card and announces the feeling word on the card.

Invite players to talk about each feeling word as you play. Ask children to make a face to represent each new feeling word you pull and/or to act each new feeling word out. Ask children to share about a time when they felt the emotion featured on the card you pull.

When children have a match for the card drawn on their playing card, they mark the spot with a card marker.

Additional Feeling Cards are drawn and talked about until one child or more yells "BINGO" to signify that they have three markers in a row on their game card.

To further reinforce the learning, the facilitator can ask children with winning cards to name and/or act out the emotions they have marked. 

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